Purun's Party Building

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In July 2015, under the guidance of Dazhulin Sub-district Office Party Working Committee of New Northern Zone, Purun Holdings established the Party Branch and the Branch Committee and appointed secretary, commissaries in charge of organization, propaganda and discipline inspection. By the end of November 2018, the Group has had 48 registered party members.

With emphasis on party members’ information management, party building education, party members development and party building propaganda, the Party Branch actively launches various activities such as employees condolences and learning activities to enhance the employees’ sense of identity, sense of belonging and loyalty; and sets up party member demonstration pioneer to play the exemplary role of the Party Branch. Since the foundation, the Party Branch has organized a series of learning activities including the “Two Studies, One Action”, “Be A Qualified Party Member” and “Learning Spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress” and launched events like “Reveal Identity, Make A Promise”, community-level home visiting and caring for the front-line employees to give full play to the role of party members as models.

Purun Party Branch will continue to implement policies and guidelines of the Party and serve as a stronghold to further promote the party building in non-public enterprises.

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