Purun International Launches Pre-departure Orientation Meeting for 2018 Summer Short-term Study Tour to Australia

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On the afternoon of July 23, “Pre-departure Orientation Meeting for 2018 Summer Short-term Study Tour to Australia” by Purun International successfully kicked off in the group. Yiyi Chen, Leader for the tour, host the meeting with an attendance of approximately 20 tour members and their guardians.Earlier before the meeting, all participants enjoyed videos on Australia and refreshments exquisitely prepared by Purun International. The meeting presided by Yiyi Chen was rather lively and productive. Started with a warm welcome, Ms. Chen continued it with elaborations on the tour’s itinerary, pre-departure preparation, cautions, essay activity and the like. Specifically, Ms. Chen emphasized overseas safety guarantee measures and resolutions to accidents. Last but not least, Ms. Chen gave full play to tour members’ initiative and advised all participants on effective communication by sharing funny overseas study and life experience. 

The meeting witnessed positive exchanges between participants and Ms. Chen. Tour members and their guardians scrupulously wrote down study-tour cautions and consulted Ms. Chen on their queries about the event. In return, Ms. Chen solved their confusion and ensured them to make good preparations for the tour.

A man’s excellence is decided by his perception on the breadth of life, so is his pattern by experience. Knowledge and practice can only be united if one travels in the way of learning and propels his growth by means of travelling. Purun International sincerely hopes that all tour members would gain benefits from the journey via experiencing overseas elite education, that they would have a better understanding of the world and themselves, that they would have their problem solving skills improved. Purun International would accompany all members and provide supports in life and study throughout the tour.

With Australia as the focus, Purun International has established close relations with multiple excellent private schools in Queensland. Purun International would move ahead with global excellences by constantly devoting to Australian education services and promoting educational & cultural exchanges between Chongqing and its sister city – Brisbane.


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