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        Group reinspects Sri Lanka projects

        發布日期:2017.07.23 瀏覽次數(

        From November 16 to November 19, Weidong Huang, Vice President of Chongqing Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (Group) Co., Ltd. in the company of Hubo Yang, General Manager of Construction Company & Vice President of our group visited Sri Lanka on business investigation. Hanwen Liu from Overseas Business Department of our group accompanied throughout the visit.
        Our team visited Mr. Cui, Division Head of South Asia Team under the Export-import Bank of China, Chinese Ambassador to Sri Lanka Xianliang Yi, Commercial Counselor Yingqi Wang, Chairman and company representatives of Sri Lanka China Business Council, leaders from Ministry of Southern Development, Board of Investment of Sri Lanka and Office in Matara Free Trade Zone. During the stint, our team introduced main intentions of investing in Sri Lanka and received approval from those delegates we have met. According to the delegates, our team is the most well prepared and has proposed most practical investment thoughts among the numerous Chinese delegations. They extended their warm welcome to our investment in Sri Lanka and would do their best to support us. Furthermore, they illustrated the overview of Sri Lanka, PPP contract project and recent situations of Chinese enterprises’ projects in Sri Lanka and advised on our investment there.  

        By the end of the meeting, our team accompanied by responsible members inspected Vogue clothing factory, yachts plant, and port in Matara Free Trade Zone on issues of the taxation, land, labor, policies and the etc..

        This visit to Sri Lanka in accordance with our group strategy of developing overseas markets whilst establishing itself in Chongqing for further development not only strengthened our insights into Sri Lanka grounded on our investigation in March this year, but lay a brand new foundation for our work in 2015. 


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