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        Purun international invited to attend Asia Fruit Logistica

        發布日期:2017.07.18 瀏覽次數(


        The annual Asia Fruit Logistica was held at AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong on 6-8 September. Chongqing COUSH PURUN Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as COUSH PURUN) is a joint venture of Chongqing Purun International Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred as Purun International) and Chongqing COUSH Agricultural Products Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as COUSH).  In behalf of COUSH PURUN, Huanqi Yuan, General Manager’s Assistant & Investment Department Manager, and International Trade Department Manager Ting Jiang from Purun International, together with General Manager Shifeng Liu and Guangzhou District Manager Renzheng Yang from COUSH, joined the exposition.

        On the exposition, COUSH PURUN delegation discussed the issue on logistics services for COUSH PURUN’s fruit import business with Shenzhen Asia Global Logistics Co., Ltd., covering foreign currency payments, freight, customs declaration,commodity inspection, and the etc.. In addition, the delegation exchanged with Styx River, Reid Fruits from Australia and partial Chile cherry suppliers, and reached preliminary consensus on cooperation, securing goods supply for its cherry import in the second half of 2017. Besides, the delegation discussed mango details with Manbulloo who is the biggest mango supplier in Australia. Furthermore, they with HiveXchange, Australia’s digital wholesale market for fresh produce, and Lindsay, Australia’s biggest logistics service supplier, delved into the possibility of employing HiveXchange’s platform and connecting Lindsay’s cold chain system to prospect Australian suppliers, which further enriched the join venture’s overseas purchasing channels.

        The attendance of Asia Fruit Logistica not only broadened fruit import channels for COUSH PURUN, but confimed its logistics key part. Moreover, COUSH PURUN reached consensus with numerous overseas suppliers on fruit import and consolidated its supply resources abroad.

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