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        Purun International invited to attend Brisbane Business and Investment Forum

        發布日期:2017.09.18 瀏覽次數(


        On September 15, Business and Investment Forum of Brisbane Australia was held at Hyatt Regency Chongqing. At the invitation of the Brisbane government, General Manager’s Assistant & Investment Department Manager Huanqi Yuan, International Trade Department Manager Ting Jiang and Culture & Tourism Department Manager Jia Ni and the etc., in behalf of Chongqing Purun International Co., Ltd., attended the forum.

        Lord Mayor of Brisbane Councillor Graham Quirk, Vice President of R&F Properties Australia Pty Ltd Thomas Chiu, Council-General of the Australian Consulate-General in Chengdu Christopher Lin, CEO of Brisbane Marketing Brett Fraser, spoke on the stage in succession, illustrating Brisbane’s growth, the relationship between Brisbane and China, especially its amicable relations with Chongqing, and introducing mainly eight investment areas.

        Afterwards, our company heard suggestions from Anthony Lin, CLO of Goodman Lawyers in Australia, on legal risks of overseas investments, and exchanged views with other peer companies and Pan-China Certified Public Accountants LLP. In the end, we communicated with Brisbane government officials and expressed our wish of being informed with effective industry news and attending such similar wonderful forums in future.

        The Brisbane Business and Investment Forum was organized by Brisbane Lord Mayoral Business Mission, led by the Lord Mayor of Brisbane Councillor, and followed with numerous Australian coporate representatives. Through the forum, we learned the latest news of Brisbane investments, broadened our perception on other industries and strengthened the cooperation with our peers.

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